January 2022 - Launching a new site!


The Theme Park Cards have kind of taken on a life of their own since we started to hide them in the parks.  With that, we are launching the official webpage.   A couple reasons why. First, why not! Gives people a place to go to learn about the cards, the crafting groups, the parks, and other things.  Two, the demand of the cards continues to grow.  So we came up with a creative way for people to get them when they can't get to the parks and this is a great vehicle for that. Three, gives me a platform to share a little more about the cards and myself.

January 2022 - Always making new cards!


I am at the parks a lot, and I am always taking pictures looking for card ideas. I think I have just about every Universal ride done now. I have cranked out a lot of the character meet in greets. Started to add restaurants and other park features. There are so many possibilities at the parks. I will be posting some new card ideas here from time to time to see what you guys think. Not everything makes the cut. This one is for sure, because we can all use some Captain America in our lives.

February 2022 - CLASSIC MONSTERS!


Towards the end of January, Universal opened a tribute store featuring the Classic Monsters in the Sahara Gift Shop (The Mummy Gift Shop). This is not the official Tribute store that opens each year just down the street, but a pop up store. It is awesome! A tribute to Classic Monsters. It is dark, themed and has some amazing photo opportunities. Classic Monsters does not get enough love in my opinion and I am super excited to be able to make some cards based off of them. If you are at the parks, please stop in and check out the store! You will see Dracula, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Frankenstein (Kind of) and Bride of Frankenstein, the Invisible Man, The Mummy, and Phantom of the Opera. Yes, they will all have cards similar to the one show! YAY MONSTERS!!!!


February 2022 - MARDI GRAS!


It's the biggest party of the year ya'll!!!! Mardi Gras at Universal Studios is Louder, Wilder, and Spicier than any other event around. It makes from some amazing pictures. Thanks to Bee from Small Bee Photograph (Instagram and Facebook), I will be producing a full set of Mardi Gras cards that feature her work. The characters and colors are amazing! I can't wait for these to come in to be able to get them to the team members featured on the cards. If you are able to attend the event during the run time, I highly recommend it. Also, if you ever have the chance to get on parade float to throw beads to the crowd, do not pass that up. It is a unique experience and highly addictive!





Mardi Gras is becoming my favorite time of the year at Universal. The Colors, The Characters, the Sounds, the Food, the atmosphere, its electric!!! I have now rode on 5 of the 12 floats and am totally addicted to throwing beads. Yep, thats me (Hat and sunglasses guy). If you ever get the chance to ride a float do not pass it up. It is a unique experience and so much fun. I am thankful for getting to know some amazing people through my visits at Universal.  I can not wait for the Mardi Cards to show up!



March 2022 - Special Card - ALLY ROCKS


I have added a new page to the site title ALLY ROCKS . Please go read the information there and check out the special cards I made (pictured). Of all the cards I have made so far, this is the one I am most proud of.  Please check out our page then click the link on that page to follow ALLY ROCKS.  Please, if you choose to drink, do not drive.

July 2022 - Special Card - The Card Guy!


Wow, where has the time gone? July already? I have been hard at work on projects and sometimes I forget to update things like this. I do have this little nugget for you. After a year and a half of crafting, hiding cards, and creating over 400 Universal and Disney cards, I (reluctantly) have made the first official "The Card Guy" card. This was something that was requested for a long time by many of the crafters in the Facebook Groups. i had these out usually when ever someone stops my in the parks. I love the card, I am still getting used to the fact that people want me on a card. Just a regular guy doing a regular thing in the parks! But enjoy!

September 2022 - Special Card Set - HHN!!!!


The special limited edition card set for this years Halloween Horror Nights has arrived and it is GLORIOUS! These turned out better than I was expecting. I teamed up with the fabulous photographer Bee (who took the Mardi Gras photos) and created this amazing set with their photos! Visually Stunning!!! This is also the largest set I have done to date. Twenty four cards feature various scare actors from this years event. I am so excited for these to get into the parks. My personal schedule is jammed packed with hockey for Archer, so I am not sure if I'll make it again to an HHN night again this year, but I will be flooding the parks with these in packs. If you want a set, please check out how to help fight cancer and get a FULL set as a thank you gift. These are a great way to remember you time in the fog! Happy HHN season to you all!

January 2023 - Award Winning!


The Officially Unofficial Theme Park Trading Cards will have to be renamed to the Award Winning Officially Unofficial Theme Park Trading Cards! For the second year in a row, the cards have won the Best Fan Made item in the Universal Orlando Annual Passholder Awards. My buddy Michael Citak puts together a year end awards for many of the best things at Universal. The passholders can nominated and vote on who gets to win. This year was another great year for the cards. The HHN set was one of my favorites that I have produced. So much so, I have it framed up in my game room!  Its an honor to be mentioned and truly humbled to be a back to back winner. The cards would not happen without the great Team Members and staff that make up Universal Orlando.