Below, you will find several ways to get your hands on the Theme Park Cards. At the bottom of the page, you will also find the necessary steps in you wish to make a donation and receive a card set as a "thank you" gift

How do you get cards???  Find them at the parks of course!

I am part of four crafting groups on Facebook. These are Facebook groups of crafters that make and hide things through out the parks. It has been approved (with restrictions) by both Universal Studios and Disney. There are some very talented and generous people in these groups that create things for people to find while they are at the parks. 

I post photo clues for each of my hides in one and/or all of the groups below. You follow the photo clue to find the hidden park pack of cards. Be warned, the cards usually do not last long! There are numerous people on any given day hunting for cards. You have to be quick!  On most of my park days, I drop anywhere from 5 to 15(+) card packs through out the parks.  I also have my favorite hiding spots, but always keep an eye out for new ones too!


Below are the links to the three groups I am part of:

Universally Crafted (Universal Orlando)

Universal Magic - A Hide & Seek Journey Through The Park!

UO ROCKS (Universal Orlando)

Universally Crafter (Walt Disney World)

Another option to get cards?  Help Fight Cancer!

I get this question A LOT! "I can't get to the parks to find them, do you sell them?" I have let people buy them, but this is not a business venture for me. This is something I want to do for fun, not for profit. But I understand the demand and the addiction to these once you find a pack and also find out how many cards there are! Collectors are weird sometimes and want to collect all of them. Haha. I'm a life long autograph collector, so I get the obsession!

I came up with a creative solution that allows people to get cards and also help a great cause! Like I mentioned in the ABOUT page, I am a cancer fighter. Cancer changed my life. I started a nonprofit to raise funds and awareness for cancer research. So instead of selling cards to people who want them, I am asking them to make a charitable donation to my nonprofit "Autographs For a Cure".  If you make a minimum $12 donation (Always free to make a larger donation), you will get a thank you gift of one (1) set of cards of your choice (subject to availability). 

This way, you not purchasing the cards, but instead being thanked for helping in the battle against cancer.


To learn more about Autographs For a Cure, please feel free to click the link below:

Autographs For a Cure


Autographs For a Cure is my life work now and I am very proud of what we have done in our short history. I am also proud of the theme park cards and very humbled that people want to collect them.  One of my favorite quotes associated with Autographs For a Cure is "Giving is not about making a donation, it's about making a difference". If the cards can make a difference in someone visit to the parks, they can help make a difference in the fight against cancer too!

Steps to Make a Donation:

Step 1: Make a donation via Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle of at least $12 (You can choose to donate more if you'd like)

Step 2: Choose which set you would like. Sets are visible in either the Park or Music Gallery pages.

Step 3: (IMPORTANT!!) Please E-mail ( which set you would like and your shipping address.

Once we receive your e-mail with the desired card set, we will pack your gift up at forward tracking information to you.

Card sets are sent out via USPS First Class mail with tracking.