Custom Cards - Better than Business Cards!

While we created the cards based off rides, attractions, characters, and other things related to the theme parks, doesn't mean that we can't use the craft for other purposes.  People have loved finding cards of their favorite characters and have wanted one of their very own.


I have worked with a couple of cosplayers to create a custom card for them in their character costumes.  I have also worked with several team members to create their own cards. They like to give them to guests and hand them out much like a business card.

Here are the basics:

First and foremost, you MUST own the photos. No professional photo shoot photos unless you have a written release from the photographer. There can not be any copyright issues. YOU are responsible for securing the rights and owning the copyright to the photograph.  By submitting a photo for a custom card, you are assuming the responsibility of use and any and all copyright regarding the photograph. I am just the printing vehicle. Use of the photograph is between yourself and the original photographer.


Next, cards orders are in batches of 100. Because I send out my cards to a print shop, I order sheets of cards. My minimum is 100 sheets. It works well with my park cards. Not ideal for one off custom work, but for someone who wants to use them like business cards, 100 works. I am not able to print anything less than 100 cards. I am working on it, but have not found a solution yet.


Cards can be customized with text and information. Space is limited on cards. I will do my best to get your information onto the cards. The higher quality photograph you use, the better. Full color front and back. I do include the Officially Unofficial Theme Park Trading Card logo on the back of the card (see example below), but I can also customize the back of the card too. 

You can e-mail me photos and I will work up several samples for you to choose from.  Note, some photos fit better in the card templates than others. So if you have multiple images, that would be helpful as I work up samples.


Right now, I can print 100 cards for $25 with park /local pick up or $30 shipped.  These are way cooler than any business cards. People are pretty amazed when you hand them your very own trading card!

Print time does take roughly 3 weeks. So if you want them for any type of event, please plan accordingly. Same as the regular cards, 16 point card stock. UV Gloss front.


Below are a few example that we worked up for people.