Theme Park Trading Cards

Welcome to the "Officially Unofficial Theme Park Trading Card" site!  We make custom Theme Park cards and hide them for guests to find! Want to learn more and see the cards?  Click on any of the links in the tool bar to explore.  

ABOUT -  you can learn more about the origins of the cards and find out who "The Card Guy" is. 

NEWS and NOTES - we share anything exciting about the cards and parks. Get a glimpse of future cards sets and find out what we are up to.


CARD GALLERY - is where you can view all the cards we have made so far. Helpful for those collectors who want a checklist


FUN TIMES - See Team Members with "their" cards!!


HOW TO GET CARDS! - Learn about how to find cards in the park and also how to receive them as a "thank you" gift when you donate to Autographs For a Cure, a cancer nonprofit.


CUSTOM CARDS - Learn how to get your own custom trading card made!


CONTACT/ SOCIAL MEDIA - How you can get in touch with us and links to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!


ALLY ROCKS - Learn more about a special message of Not Drinking and Driving and remembering Allyson Goad

In no way shape or form are these cards associated with Universal Studios, Disney, or any of their partners or affiliates. This is NOT an officially licensed item. This is a custom made item.